08/NEWS ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF BAMBOO FIBRE: A VEGETABLE FIBRE WITH COUNTLESS PROPERTIES. ISATEX meets the ever-increasing demand for natural fibres. Fibres for the production of which no polluting chemicals that damage the environment and are harmful in contact with the skin are used.


11/NEWS THE EXCEPTIONAL NUMBERS OF THE LITTLE SILKWORM. Three to four days for a cocoon consisting of a single continuous thread with a length of between 300 and 900 metres. Silk is a light, soft, elegant, thin, elastic and tear-resistant fibre. Of all, the lustre is the most appreciated quality …


10/NEWS WOOL, AN ANCIENT AND ALWAYS MODERN YARN. ISATEX has succeeded in combining the many advantages of wool in a unique product.Ease of dyeing with many dye classes; high hygroscopic power and good elastic properties.


12/NEWS VISCOSE FIBRE IS AS SOFT AS SILK AND AS ABSORBENT AS COTTON. Viscose is a fabric of natural origin that is very hard-wearing, biodegradable and absorbs very well colors that appear brighter than classic natural fabrics.


07/NEWS HEAT-INSULATING, BREATHABLE, RESISTANT, STRONG AND SOFT: HEMP FIBRE. Hemp fibre has other properties: it reflects ultraviolet rays, shields against electrostatic fields, does not conduct electricity, it does not irritate the skin because it is hypoallergenic, and it keeps bacteria off the surface of the body because it is antiseptic. …


08/NEWS rPET OR RECYCLED POLYESTER, THE SECOND LIFE OF PET BOTTLES. Beauty makes life better and ISATEX strives every day to create beautiful products from materials recycled materials. Recycled PET, rPET or recycled polyester is a material obtained by recycling waste materials after a recycling process that does not involve …