The production

the Production

the Production

Customisation requires unique solutions: 
producing them for you is our job then. 

Great textile tradition and advanced technologies guarantee our customers a competitive, flexible and punctual production.  Our research and development laboratory stands out for new and original solutions, a selected range of yarns with certified Italian suppliers of raw materials. Our reliability is recognized, through our customers, by the best national and international brands.  Product quality and seriousness of service have been our reference points for over 30 years of activity. 

  • Weaving

    - Needle loom woven labels
    - Needle loom woven labels with monofilament
    - Broadloom (heat-sealed) woven labels in Taffettas and Satin
    - Broadloom (heat-sealed) woven labels with monofilament
    - Broadloom (heat-sealed) woven labels with transparent beam 
    - Broadloom (heat-sealed) woven labels on looms with 180 warp threads 
    - Woven labels with woven number / QR code 
    - Woven posters

  • Finishing

    - Ultrasonic cut 
    - Anti-shrinking 
    - Starching 
    - Double-sided adhesive application
    - Vlieseline application 
    - Thermo-adhesive application
    - All types of industrial cuts and folds
    - Manual heat cut 
    - Laser cut 
    - Dry relief 
    - Interlocking

  • Other Processing

    - Sublimation printing
    - Serigraphy (Screen) printing
    - Hot stamping
    - Special screen printing
    - Pad printing 
    - Reflective printing
    - Application of rhinestones - studs - holograms

  • Japanese Shuttle loom woven labels and ribbons, 100% Made in Japan

    European exclusive in partnership with a well-known Japanese production company.
    We are able to supply labels and ribbons woven in the best Japanese tradition, with qualified raw materials, natural and recycled polyester.

Raw Material

  • Yarns of industrial origin

    - Polyester yarns
    - Trilobate polyester yarns
    - Iridescent yarns
    - Super shiny yarns
    - Lamé/lurex yarns (lamé - flat lurex)
    - Spiral yarns
    - Cotton cut polyesters (poly cotton)
    - Velvets
    - Chenille
    - Special print effect yarn
    - Polyurethane yarns

  • Natural / partially natural yarns

    - Bamboo
    - Hemp
    - Natural cotton
    - Coloured cottons
    - Wools
    - Natural linen
    - Coloured linen
    - Nettle
    - Natural silk
    - Coloured silks
    - Viscose FSC
    - Carbon cotton
    - Metallic cotton

  • Eco-sustainable yarns

    - Recycled polyester
    - Antibacterial yarns

  • Regenerated yarns

    - Natural rayon viscose
    - Colored rayon viscose