05/NEWS LASER Machinery for carrying out special pro- cesses on labels: shaping (e.g. patches/ scudetti), buttonholes and holes.


04/NEWS LAMINATOR Machine used to couple double-sided, thermo-adhesive, interlining, velcro to woven labels and tapes.


03/NEWS LUMINESCENT YARN Luminescent polyurethane yarn is charged with light that is released in the darkness.Thanks to the special effect it is suitable for technical fabrics and on professional clothing for bars or clubs.


01/NEWS COLOURED RUBBER Is particularly suitable for technical fabrics, outdoor or sports fabrics e.g. as patches for duffel bags/jackets. Resistant to abrasion, impact, chemical agents, oils and greases. Rubber coloured is tinged with fantasy.


08/NEWS ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF BAMBOO FIBRE: A VEGETABLE FIBRE WITH COUNTLESS PROPERTIES. ISATEX meets the ever-increasing demand for natural fibres. Fibres for the production of which no polluting chemicals that damage the environment and are harmful in contact with the skin are used.


11/NEWS THE EXCEPTIONAL NUMBERS OF THE LITTLE SILKWORM. Three to four days for a cocoon consisting of a single continuous thread with a length of between 300 and 900 metres. Silk is a light, soft, elegant, thin, elastic and tear-resistant fibre. Of all, the lustre is the most appreciated quality …


10/NEWS WOOL, AN ANCIENT AND ALWAYS MODERN YARN. ISATEX has succeeded in combining the many advantages of wool in a unique product.Ease of dyeing with many dye classes; high hygroscopic power and good elastic properties.


12/NEWS VISCOSE FIBRE IS AS SOFT AS SILK AND AS ABSORBENT AS COTTON. Viscose is a fabric of natural origin that is very hard-wearing, biodegradable and absorbs very well colors that appear brighter than classic natural fabrics.