Crab Fiber

NEWS Crab Fiber The crab fiber production process involves crushing crustacean shells from the food industry and mixing them with cellulose, without the use of solvents. It is a textile fiber which, in addition to being antibacterial and antimicrobial, has haemostatic properties, is completely biodegradable, hypoallergenic, ecological and obviously biocompatible.The …

Gots Organic Cotton

NEWS Gots Organic Cotton The GOTS cotton/organic label is made from 100% GOTS organic cotton.Unlike common cotton, organic cotton has important peculiarities that make it an excellent resource for the environment and nature. Gas emissions are reduced by 94%, there’s no use of synthetic pesticides (common cotton 16%), it is …

Carbon Cotton

NEWS Carbon Cotton The cotton/carbon yarn is composed of 82% cotton and 18% carbon (Conduction tester). Its special composition makes it completely antistatic, ideal for clothing with the same tech- nical characteristics.

Steel Cotton

NEWS Steel Cotton The cotton/steel yarn is made of 58% cotton and 42% steel. Given the presence of the steel yarn inside, the wrinkled effect is permanent. (Wrinkle the label please)


NEWS Linen 100% linen fibre. Linen is a natural, resistant and durable fibre. It is composed of approxi- mately 70% cellulose, and is contained in the internal part of the plant’s bark. Thanks to its structure, linen is able to disperse temperature evenly.


NEWS Nettle 100% Fiber nettle composed of 100% wild nettle (Urtica dioica), a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Urticacee family.This fiber is a sustainable resource, as its cultivation does not require the use of herbicides and anti-parasitics, thanks to its high resistance to pathogens and stinging properties.comunicazioni@isatex.it

Moiré effect – Copy

NEWS A TRUE “GREEN SOUL” STARTS FROM THE DETAILS There is a new Isatex collection and new yarns among our raw materials. Let’s give a body to the Green Soul that is in each of us.Please contact us to find out more!


05/NEWS LASER Machinery for carrying out special pro- cesses on labels: shaping (e.g. patches/ scudetti), buttonholes and holes.


04/NEWS LAMINATOR Machine used to couple double-sided, thermo-adhesive, interlining, velcro to woven labels and tapes.